Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Margaret Dumont poem

Margaret Dumont

Dowager queen of loose-necked flesh, glide
across the foyer to greet your kooky guests.

They are hanging like monkeys
from the chandeliers, pissing down
on the invited guests and cackling.

Remember to smile and never waver, well-bred
and resolute as you take your medicine.

Come Harpo, you satyr, and Groucho,

make fun of my weight. Here is the thick-
accented one, selling tuttsi fruitsi from a cart

and lingering over the rump of my favorite
maid. So she's yours, you deliberate jackal,

take her and fuck her, while I am forced to hear
and stay awake in the room next door. I think
you all are charming boys. I relish your hump

and pant and fart and spit and slap and frequently
violent approach to my hospitality. Come again,

you males, deride my pearls and my hem. I will
stand here majestic like Liberty or Truth
or Justice or your wife and take it, take it, take it.

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