Monday, June 4, 2007

"Fate's Imagination" review

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A CurtainUp Review
Fate's Imagination
By Christopher Murray

Elizabeth Norment and Jed Orlemann in Fate's Imagination (Photo: Monique Carboni)

Time means nothing to you. I've been glued to the past, wasted countless nights unraveling the torment of days gone by. I've been invisible to myself. But now I choose to reveal myself to you because I want you as a friend, as a lover, as anything you can be.— Lilah

The drama in Randall David Cook's new play Fate's Imagination begins, as it so often does in life, with that old chestnut of an interrogative: "Would you like to go back to my place and fool around?" In this case, the proposal is made by an older woman, Lilah (Elizabeth Norment), to a much younger man, Brock (Jed Orlemann). The twist on the Dustin Hofmann/Anne Bancroft romance is provided by the hidden conflict between Lilah and Brock's mother, Susan (Donna Mitchell), a Hillary Clintonesque junior Senator from New York, in the midst of a nascent Presidential bid.

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